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Where did 2020 go?

I haven't written in quite a long time. I guessed I time skipped 2020, since that year was such a hell. It felt like I was living in a bubble, not only was the pandemic a problem there were other pressing family matters to deal with. I felt depressed most of the time, trying to find an outlet through reading books and entering a new hobby: Ball Jointed Dolls. I have always loved Ball Jointed Dolls, it's been years since I saw one in a horror movie I've watched. Yes, a horror movie. Although I never for once found them scary or horrifying. Anyway, I've owned three dolls in a less than a year, one in which I unexpectedly won in a raffle.
2021 isn't actually getting any better, a lot of disappointing things still keeps happening. I feel like I'm masking my happiness with all these problems. Living my days so anxiously, I get so tired. There are days I really want to give up, like the feeling is really there. Probing into your mind, telling you that I no longer belong here. Like for instance there were days I look forward to something, that gets you going right? But now, everything feels redundant and bleak. I'm afraid of the future. I sometimes think I am no longer part of it. That I'll be failing in the next few months, yes without a goal that's how it's going to be.

I wonder really.
What would become of me when I open this journal.
Will Iaugh at my problems or sink further into them.

all things and more..

Okay. I have not posted for a long time.
Nothing much as happened, except I am busy with work and a pinch of dramas, anime and manga.
Top of my list this season is Kentaro Sakaguchi's remake of the korean drama, SIGNAL. I am thrilled to see him portray a more mature role and a police detective of all things!
Lt. Kento Saegusa
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its all about life

And So we start a new!

Okay, New Year post.
Something I oughta do, even though I do not post for several months. LOL.

So a review:

I traveled again this year -- unexpectedly.

During the first quarter, I went to Japan last spring. It was an unexpectedly last minute trip since I was able to secure a free ticket. With perfect timing my best friend was also staying in Itabashi, Tokyo so I had a place to stay within the city. What perfect timing for the sakura to bloom when I was there.

After a month and a half my office told me to go to Japan for 8 days. To my surprise, I was able to visit two new places since I was always just stuck in Tokyo or Tsukuba. LOL. And it was summer time!
So I was able to experience the four seasons! ^_^/

Then during mid year or well a two weeks after my trip I had a sort of training in our main office, it was my first time to leave my hometown for work for a several weeks. Tbh, I was a bit nervous venturing into something new, plus language constraints. Hahaha^^ but despite feeling homesick it was all good. I met lots of good people who some eventually became good friends. I even have this new best friend! Who I am grateful to have. I kinda have this odd love and hate towards this person. LOL.

By December I went on a sort of two day trip, unexpectedly again.

So I kinda sum up that this year is full of new meetings and unexpected situations.
Lot's of ups and downs but nonetheless, the year taught me lessons and gave a lot of experiences.

Not bad.

Seriously, I dunno what 2016 has in store. I haven't made any commitments, well except for a trip happening in a month from now.
But I hope it would be a good one!
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Hello from Japan.

Its so pretty here in spring, the flowers are blooming but I'm having allergy. LOL.
I saw INOO KEI's large poster while riding the yamanote line from Sugamo to Harajuku. Oh how my heart jumped.
The JE store in Harajuku was filled with people too, its really bad to go there during concert season.

I also saw HSJ popcorn CM in one of Shibuya's large screen. Made me happy. LOL.
I bought two packs of it in Seiyu grocery, there were only a few left!

That's all for now. I'm going to do a mini write up with my other days here in another time.

Jo Kwon ♥ Ga In

Ryosuke and Haruna

This is going to be a super random, what the heck kind of post to some of you. But I've been wanting to write about it for the longest time.
About one of my latest favorite pairs, Yamada Ryosuke and Kawaguchi Haruna. What I call: YamaHaru やまはる
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so here comes the storm!

I'm done watching Suikyuu Yankees. Its your typical ending.
Naoya's confession was a bit funny though since he was like screaming it.
I'm sad I won't be seeing Kento, but I am looking forward to his new drama in NHK called Mare. I am not sure of the extent of his role, but I do hope he becomes the love interest of the main girl, the actress who played Misao in Rurouni Kenshin.

My favorite drama this season is of course Kindaichi. Aside from the cast, I like how I need to guess who the killer is.
Also nowadays I have been reading Swedish author, Camille Lackberg's mystery books. Its also the same, trying to guess who the killer is until the very end. I love the whole anticipation, plot twist and all those in between.

Anyhow I'm in Japan right now (well eversince last week that is) and I just came from the HEY SAY JUMP concert. It was amazing!  (I'll write about it in a seperate post)
I just got back in time since currently as I am writing this a typhoon is approaching Tokyo.
Its raining hard too and I got a bit wet since the house I am staying is a good ten minute walk from the station.
The temperature has dropped to 15-16 degrees.

Anyway I am exhausted from this long fruitful day.
Till next time!